Creative Industries Festival

5 years

of Artcor

FIC traditionally celebrates the diversity and beauty of creative industries in the first week of June. This year marks the 5th edition of the festival, coinciding with the 5th anniversary of Artcor.

And because we're in a jubilee year, we aim to amplify the impact of the event by integrating it into our 5-year story of exploring and promoting creativity.

At FIC, we will continue to explore current trends and topics for the industry, discuss technologies and their impact on creators/creations, connect the community,
invite successful models both locally and internationally to inspire artists in the country, position Moldova as a regional hub for creativity and talent, and promote Creative Moldova.

Join us to participate and enjoy this festival, as well as celebrate together the 5 years of Artcor - a period during which we've built bridges between artists and art-loving audiences, providing an efficient platform for expression and connection.

The Creative Industries Festival is organized by the Artcor Creative Industries Center under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu.

The event is held with the support offered by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, the Investment Agency, the Technologies of the Future Project, financed by USAID, Sweden and Great Britain, as well as the Moldcell Foundation.
Creative Industries Festival


And this year, the focus of the Creative Industries Festival remains the conference, with both local and international speakers - from the USA, Japan, Great Britain, Sweden, Latvia and Romania.

This will take place on 31 May and 1 June - 2 days where we will continue to discover success stories and case studies as well as global trends in FIC's areas of interest: graphic design, illustration, typography, animation, music , film, advertising, architecture, photography and other related fields.

Early Bird - 1000 MDL
Începând cu 28.05 - 1500 MDL

*The ticket price also includes access to the Brunch of the creative community, with the presence of speakers, which will take place in the morning of the same day.
  • David Carson
    Graphic Designer
  • Jekaterina Basjuka
    PhD Candidate in Design, Storyteller and UX designer at Linköping University
  • Mirko Ilić
    Artist and Graphic Designer
  • Alexandr Codimschii
    43'oz - Design Studio
  • Monica Garcia
    Senior Manager of Equity Programs and Audience Development at Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Radion Cicic & Rodion Tuluc
  • Roman Burlaca
    CEO at BRMG & Versus Artist
  • Thiago Maia
    Cookie Studio Creative Director & Founder
  • Tina Touli
    Creative Director & Graphic Communication Designer
  • Veronica Verlan
    45 Extreme Production
  • Yuki Katavama
    Senior Editor at Kodansha
  • Delia Teși
    Counterpoint Agency, a Label Services Company
  • Dorel Samoila
    Acceleration Partner at Publicis Media Moldova
  • Kirill Zmurchiuc
  • Macar Severin
  • Mercedes Marro
    Director & CEO at Tomavision Group
  • Yuri (George) Kuznetsov
  • Natalia Gârbu
  • Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr.
    CEO YOUBESC & film producer
  • Marina Gonța & Alina Samoila
    NRG Publicis Moldova
Open day at Artcor
14:30 - 18:00

Success stories, case studies, presented by Artcor residents.

Open Day at Artcor is an opportunity to connect with professionals and creatives from various fields, share ideas and get inspiration for your own projects.
Join us on May 31 at 13:00 at Artcor for the inauguration of Creative Policy Day, part of the Creative Industries Festival. This event features discussions on the current status, needs, and opportunities for the creative industries, with insights from notable speakers including the Minister of Culture, the British Ambassador to Chișinău, and the USAID Moldova Mission Director. Special guest Mercedes Marro from Spain will deliver a keynote on "Vision and Trends in Creative Industry Development through Storytelling." Free entry! If you're interested in the future of the creative industries, don't miss this chance to connect with industry leaders.
On June 2, the Creative Industries Festival continues with "Not a conference: Museums of the Future in Moldova," showcasing innovative projects such as the Interactive History Book and the Tree of Life.

The event will culminate with a workshop led by Monica Irina Garcia from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, discussing the transformation of museums for the modern era and community engagement strategies.

The goal is to bring innovative practices to adapt museums to the needs of the modern community, with special guests from Moldova's national museums.


Yes, technology advances. No, it will not overshadow our creative spirit. Join us in exploring the fusion of innovation and tradition through our workshops. These sessions focus on knowledge transfer and collaborative practices, giving you a glimpse of the creative possibilities of 2024.
May 28
caligraphy workshop with Bianca Dumitrașcu
May 29
workshop with Jekaterina Basjuka
June 2
Kinetic typography workshop withThiago Maia și Tina Touli
June 2
with Mirko Ilić
June 2
with Mercedes Marro
June 2
with Delia Teși
Artcor is the heart of the Festival, but what is the point of the heart if there is no body? We want to develop a whole roadmap of a Creative District that will connect several creative locations that will bring their vision for the development of cci in Moldova.
May 29
Creative Quarter - Office Visits
May 30
Theatre / Iusty Art Gallery
May 31
Creative Quarter - Office Visits
May 31
Ceramics workshop with Elena Frunze
June 4
Acting Masterclass / Artcor
  • ”Tolerance Posters Show”
    National Concert Hall Nicolae Sulac / Artcor
    May 30 - Junie 2
  • ”Moldova in a Postcard”
    Artcor / A2
    May 30 - Junie 2
  • ”Untold Stories of Chișinău”
    Artcor / A2
    May 30 - Junie 2
  • Where do you get your letters?
    Artcor / by the Technical University of Moldova
    May 30 - Junie 2
We love music. We take care of the musicians. We love to sing together. This year, we are excited to present four concerts featuring local young musicians and superstars. But this is not all. We have a variety of immersive experiences in store for you: art installations, video and augmented reality functionality. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!
May 30
with Micul Manole, Enmashels, JaxCore, Cerebral Attack.
May 31
concert by Moldovan Youth Orchestra
May 31 14:00 - 16:30
June 1 14:00 - 15:00
Aler Gar & Leia Lumie
June 1
Live Hybrid Set
June 2
special guest Cuibul
Creative Industries Festival

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