Young Artist Auction Final Selection

Revoluție în lumea modei

Engraving Sold
25 × 35 cm,
Sold for: 3.790 lei

Revolution in the Fashion World

This artwork is part of a series inspired by the creative work of fashion icon Coco Chanel, a woman who revolutionized the fashion world and women's attire. Drawing inspiration from Coco's style, the artist decided to create a monochromatic piece with dynamic elements, symbolizing a new beginning and encouraging women to be bolder.
Onorina Barbaroșie

Onorina is a recent graduate of the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts, specializing in Graphic Arts. Art has been a constant presence in her life from a young age, and now she shares her creative vision with the world.

From oil painting on canvas and T-shirts to graphic design in all its forms, Onorina has explored various techniques and materials in her work. Recently, she has developed a passion for book illustration, with her thesis project being the children's book: "The Porcelain Teapot and the Careful Teaspoon.”

The young artist finds inspiration and beauty in everything around her, and art, for her, is a profound form of expression, tranquility, and inner peace.