Young Artist Auction Final Selection

Drumul Vieții

Painting Available
20 x 30 cm,
Painting, acrylic, canvas, paper.
Available for: 1.100 lei

The Road of Life

This artwork emerged from contemplation on destiny and the personal possibilities each individual holds. Every person shapes their destiny as best they can, with small successes or significant achievements, losses, and regrets, but ultimately, everything serves a purpose, and the impact is evident for everyone. I enjoy creating monotypes by applying colors to canvas, leaving intriguing and unique imprints of emotions and personal struggles. Life is beautiful and interesting, both light and complex, but life's journey teaches us that it's worth celebrating because we have the honor of experiencing it.
Munteanu Eugenia

The artist began her artistic journey at the School of Arts in Cimișlia, specializing in Fine Arts. Following her passion, she pursued studies in a different field, earning a degree in Technological Engineering from UTM, Light Industry, between 2000-2004.

In 2020, she decided to return to her true calling, embarking on studies at the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts (AMTAP) in Chișinău. Enrolled in the Faculty of Fine, Decorative, and Design Arts, she specialized in the History and Theory of Fine Arts.

Her artistic achievements include participating in the 8th edition of the exhibition-competition of fine arts dedicated to Polish Culture Days in Moldova in 2020. Further expanding her artistic horizons, she joined the Erasmus mobility program in 2023, attending a course on contemporary painting in Malaga, Spain. This diverse academic and artistic background reflects her dedication to exploring and mastering various facets of the arts.