Young Artist Auction Final Selection

Nud în verde

Painting Sold
65 x 68 cm,
Pastel on paper.
Sold for: 10.700 lei


The work is an academic study made in the personal workshop. I used the pastel as the basic material for modeling the surfaces.

Entry into the composition of the work is carried out through the hands of the female figure. The nude is centered - being the main spot in the image. Chromatic balance is achieved by supporting the spots in the background. The contrasts of the curtains whose chosen colors are green, orange - finishing the work with accents of white in the light and black in the shadows.

The female model is one of my favorite subjects in the workshop. The main goal is to maintain my professional and artistic level during my academic career.
Vasile Corețchii

Vasile was born in 2002 in Soroca. He laid the academic foundations for painting at the Academic High School of Fine Arts "Igor Vieru" in Chișinău. He continued his professional development at the Academy of Arts, and later, he rented a studio where he could create.

He believes that one can become a visual artist only through hard work and the ability to see the world in colors.