Young Artist Auction Final Selection


Painting Available
55 × 75 cm, oil on canvas
Available for: 12.100 lei


The Lord of Dreams. At his feet, flowers come to life, full of color, while those above seem to have fallen into an eternal sleep. Between light and darkness, reality and dream, truth and illusion lies Morpheus.

One hawk represents the day, the other - the night. The image of this bird has always been associated with the sun because it could gaze directly into it without blinking—an ability bestowed only upon gods.
Anastasia Khudyakova

Born in Chișinău on April 29, 1999, Anastasia graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, and in 2020, she redirected her passion toward art, choosing it as her primary activity.

In 2021, she opened her own art studio and shop, marking the beginning of her own artistic journey.

Her creativity is directed towards romantic realism, revealing a unique and profound approach to expressing art.

Her main artistic mission is to explore the boundaries between darkness and light, highlighting the contrast, falls, and interaction between these fundamental elements.