Young Artist Auction Final Selection

Peisaj de toamnă

60 x 37 cm,
Sold for: 1.100 lei

Autumn Landscape (The last rays of warmth)

Created in tapestry using the classic weaving technique, this artwork portrays an autumn landscape, where leaves have shed their greenery, creating a sensation as if the last rays of the sun's warmth have seeped into the foliage.

Conceived in the final two weeks of the current October, the color palette is warm, with a predominance of orange (the warmest color), accented by cool tones (blue).
Enciu Cristina was born in 1998, in the Ialoveni district. From a young age, she had a fondness for visual arts and the mysterious world that surrounds them.

Her journey in the realm of art began at the "Petre Ștefănucă" School of Arts in Ialoveni from 2009 to 2014. The following four years (2014-2018) were spent at the "Alexandru Plămădeală" College of Fine Arts. Here, she received training in decorative arts, with a focus on artistic tapestry. During this time, she developed a special affinity for the creative process of simplifying lines for decorative purposes.

From 2018 to 2022, she studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design at Ion Creangă State University. Within the faculty, she continued to acquire new knowledge related to decorative arts, simultaneously discovering the beauty of archaic ornaments found in carpets, embroideries, and traditional houses. Creating works in the tapestry technique, she developed a particular fondness for this meticulous yet satisfying creative process.