Young Artist Auction Final Selection

Synthesis 1

Papie-mâché Sold
Papie-mâché sculptures.
Sold for: 4.000 lei

SYNTHESIS - Paper-Maché Sculptures, 2019 "Synthesis" embodies the contrast of two dimensions of existence: urban congestion and nature as a primary source of inspiration. The sculpture simultaneously represents a confrontation and a unity between urbanism and natural elements, with grey concrete surrounded by otherworldly plants and moss. It is a universe of struggle and coexistence, of concrete and nature, of emptiness and fullness, of senses and reason, of unity and diversity, of yin and yang.
Alexandra Petras

Born in in 1994, the young artist explores the connection between nature and the human being. She graduated from the Academy of Arts in Moldova and works in various artistic techniques such as hot batik, painting on fabric, and paper-mâché. For "Ananda," her artistic name, creation is a form of yoga and meditation, dedicated to connecting with oneself. She has significant artistic experience, participating in various national and international competitions and exhibitions, including: Advanced Training Seminar in Zurich (2016), "We, the Creative Youth," Constantin Brâncuși Exhibition Center (2016-2020), "Jan Alojzy Matejko" Exhibition-Competition, Embassy of Poland (2018), Synthesis Art Project, Moldova Design Week (2019), Exhibition within the "Six Good Deeds" project (2021).