Young Artist Auction Final Selection


Engraving Sold
33 x 60 cm,
Sold for: 10.001 lei

Title: "The Circus" 2022

Engraving on cardboard and linoleum in 5 layers, depicting the circus in Chișinău. Through this artwork, the artist highlights the beauty of the city while simultaneously drawing attention to the historical significance of Chișinău's architecture.
Ecaterina Bîzgu

Ecaterina is a young artist who graduated from the College of Fine Arts "Alexandru Plămădeală," specializing in Graphic Arts, and is currently studying animation at the Technical University of Moldova.

Her passion for art is evident in the illustrations she creates with dedication. More recently, she has also developed an interest in engraving. She has participated in various national competitions and exhibitions, achieving first place in:

Exhibition-Competition "Jan Alojzy Matejko" 10th edition (2022)

"Art and Mythology of the City" 3rd edition (2022)