Young Artist Auction Final Selection


Painting Available
185 x 85 cm,
Painting, oil, canvas.
Available for: 8.800 lei


Insomnia condemns us to loneliness, placing on the border between sleep and life. Similarly, the key character in the composition is a victim of insomnia. The hero's figure is separated by a strip of reddish light, positioned diagonally, contrasting with everything domestic and stable.

The composition is a diptych, a mini-plot that cyclically repeats itself. The compositional direction drives the gaze in a circular motion, enclosing it within the frames of the pictorial space.

Insomnia is the inability to draw a line between yesterday and tomorrow, an endlessly dragging oppressive day.
Daria Kuznetsova

Born in 2000 in Chișinău. In school, she initially pursued a music course but soon realized that painting was her true passion. In 2023, she graduated from the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts.

She prefers working with oils in her creations, primarily exploring the stylized figurative style. Her artworks have been characterized as having an "anti-aesthetic," featuring pronounced lines and a deliberately dissonant palette. The main theme in her creations is loneliness, perceived as a sensation of the world, generating conflicts between the inner core of the "self" and the external world or even with one's own self.

This dynamic is reflected in the robust style of the artist.