Young Artist Auction Final Selection


Painting Available
90 x 52 cm,
Available for: 19.800 lei

Cristina Demian

Born in 1998 in the Republic of Moldova, the artist developed a love for art from a young age, initially exploring both painting and writing. At the age of 11, a focus on painting led her to enroll in the Academic High School of Fine Arts "Igor Vieru."

Subsequently, she delved into watercolor painting, drawing, and composition, followed by four years of studying oil painting with an emphasis on academic principles from 2013 to 2017.

Over the next four years, the artist participated in numerous group exhibitions in both the Republic of Moldova and Romania. After graduating from high school in 2017, Cristina pursued studies at the Ion Creanga Pedagogical University, specializing in graphic arts.

However, after a year, she realized this was not the right path and decided to continue her artistic journey independently, without formal education.

Post-university, the artist engaged in a three-year project focused on abstract painting.