Young Artist Auction Final Selection

Music Rhythm

Painting Sold
42 x 60 cm,
Painting, acrylic, stamps, paper.
Sold for: 4.000 lei

Music Rhythm

The artwork is dedicated to the magic created by music. The chosen technique combines acrylic paint with typography applied using stamps, rollers, and liners. The idea for the piece originated from a photo taken by the artist on the streets of Chișinău and blends rhythm, the "TRIZ" method, and his artistic vision.
Vasili Scepetov

The artist's name is "SCHIN." Vasili, a 20-year-old, is a student at "Ion Creangă" State Pedagogical University, majoring in Graphic Arts and Design.

He works in mixed media, employing acrylic paints and various tools such as liners, rollers, stamps, etc. Vasili has actively participated in graffiti workshops and Polish-style poster workshops.

His artistic endeavors also include exhibiting his work at the Museum of Ethnography, History, and Culture in Drochia, titled "Drochia ROADTRIP 2023."