Young Artist Auction Final Selection


Painting Sold
68 x 68 cm,
Painting, oil, canvas.
Sold for: 6.000 lei

Rural Scene

Oil on canvas


The artwork captures the spirit of Moldova and its national culture. The artist painted several apples and a basket woven from twigs against the backdrop of a typical traditional Moldovan carpet. The warm color palette symbolizes the mystery of our culture, an enigma yet to be fully unraveled, much like that apple at the beginning, which every individual can shape according to their desires.
Matiuc Constantin

Constantin is 19 years old. The young artist graduated from the Academic High School of Fine Arts "Igor Vieru" and then pursued a year of Painting at UNARTE, Bucharest. Currently, he is studying Scenography at the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts.

His creations align with the post-modernist movement, exhibiting expressive tendencies.

He has participated in multiple editions of the Jan Mateyko competition, Youth Creator, and several exhibitions held in libraries, including Romania.