Young Artist Auction Final Selection

The castles in the air

Painting Available
110х80 cm,
Painting, mixed technique.
Available for: 15.400 lei

canvas, acrylic, natural pigment (ash), permanent marker, matte varnish.
Dimensions: 110 х 80 х 1,6 cm

Modern abstract painting with the addition of natural pigment. Mixed media.

Acrylic paints are mixed directly on the canvas. Ash of different shades of gray is added to acrylic to give a velvety color and thickness to the paint. Mixing occurs by using the soft sandpaper and cardboard. Next, graphics are performed to draw the plot of the painting. After the paint has completely dried, the matte varnish is sprayed onto the painting in 2 layers.
Elena Belyaeva (Ivanova) - artist, designer, and architect, born in 1989.

She began exploring art at a young age, attending the A.F. Foinițkii School of Fine Arts for Children. In 2013, she graduated from Taras Shevchenko State University in Transnistria with a degree in Architecture. Her works can be found in spaces she has designed herself.

For the artist, nature represents the purest source of inspiration. With a rich formative experience, she has embarked on an impressive journey in the fields of art and interior design. Since 2020, Elena has actively engaged in abstract painting, and in May 2021, she exhibited her works at a collective exhibition at Decor Park.

Elena Belyaeva employs an unusual technique - combining acrylics with natural pigments in the form of ash. This mixture is applied directly to the canvas, resulting in an explosion of emotions that describe psychological states.