Young Artist Auction Final Selection

A lonely girl

Painting Available
from “I am dying here” series
by Maria Mirnaya
65 x 85 cm,
Painting, acrylic, canvas.
Available for: 5.000 lei

A lonely girl from a series “I am dying here”, 2023.

The portrait tells the story of an artist who is struggling with depression. Very personal work, like everything Maria does. Detached, meditative portrait with hope and power of life. Contrast with colors and meanings.
Maria Mirnaya, born in 1989, lives and works in Chișinău. The artist creates and communicates ideas by channeling them through her own self. In her works, a multitude of personal reflections emerge, straddling the line between psychology and art. Currently, the artist is working on two distinct themes: a series of works and self-portraits under the title "I Fade Here," 2022-23 - addressing the struggle against depression and loneliness. Additionally, she is creating a series of works featuring landscapes and plants, titled "Later," 2023 - tranquil paintings born from the experience of pain, bringing the much-needed hope we all seek.