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Vorba Merge, Textul Șade

Copywriting Past
Vorba Merge, Textul Șade
Communication and copywriting course with Veronica Țurcanu and Elena Șiubei.
Words do not escape. The sheet does not bite. But sometimes the letters don't seem to connect with each other. And you keep writing the first sentence and erasing it, then writing it again and erasing it again.

An hour passes like this, then another. And the deadline is here. Colleagues are clapping, bosses are clapping, and you're thinking that writing isn't for you.

Okay, Google. Let's not jump to conclusions.

Elena says she learned to write on formulas. First the theory, then the practice. Maybe that's why he now teaches Copywriting at SUM?

Veronica says she writes intuitively and doesn't follow books. Maybe that's why he worked in one of the most loved creative agencies in Chisinau, Imago?

Instead of fighting over Facebook comments to find out who is right, Elena and Veronica decided to start a class. 2 copywriters, 2 different writing styles, 2 experiences at different poles, 2 weeks of classes + a surprise guest at the last lesson.

We start on May 8 and continue until May 20: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 18:30 - 20:30
  1. Branding: How do you create a name? What does tone of voice mean? What is the difference between slogan and tagline?
  2. Creative Writing: How to write scripts and voiceovers for TV/radio/social media, captions and brand stories?
  3. Content Writing: Why are the texts on landing pages and websites different? What does a sales letter have in common with a landing page?
  4. PR: Our daily press: articles, advertorials, press releases.
  5. Writing in Social Media: What you need to know about texts in posts, stories, events, ads.
  6. SOPs: How we write and structure texts on prints, posters, brochures, etc.
  7. We write with AI: Why Chat GPT will never replace a copywriter. Practical lesson.
  8. Closing: Case Study in Social Media with a special guest.
The course is for you if
  • you work in a small marketing team and do everything, including texts,
  • you are a copywriter of any level (beginner or professional) and you are looking for inspiration or motivation, exchange of experience,
  • youwrite texts on social media (SM manager or entrepreneur),
  • you work in HR and still have to deal with texts (from letters to job advertisements),
  • you have to send texts about the company to the press,
  • you collaborate with freelancers-copywriters and you don't know what comments to give on the texts,
  • you want to write, but you don't know where to start.
General information
Durration: 08.05.2023 - 20.05.2023
Location: Artcor School
Age requirements: none
Language: Romanian
Admission Fee
1600 MDL - until April 27
2000 MDL - after April 27

About the mentors
Veronica Țurcanu & Elena Șiubei

Elena and Veronica have been doing copywriting and communication for more than 10 years. Both have written for big and small brands in Moldova and Romania. Let's give some names: Moldcell, Purcari, Castel Mimi, Efes Moldova, Radler, Din inimă, Victoriabank, OM, Gura Căinarului, Cinci Inimioare and others.

This activity is powered by Artcor with the financial support offered by Moldcell Foundation and Future Technologies Project, funded by USAID, Sweden and UK.