Artcor School is an informal learning platform dedicated to enhancing both technical and soft skills within the creative industries.

At Artcor School, we offer an extensive range of courses and workshops to develop your skills in the creative industries. Up till 2023 we delivered over 50 courses and 70+ workshops and intensives, focusing on a variety of creative fields such as architecture, design, visual arts, game, publishing, marketing, and music creation.

We picked on topics like: Graphic Design, Architectural Photography, Interior Design, Design for Wine, Motion Graphics and Compositing, 3D Modelling for Games, 2D Animation, Fairytale Storytelling, Comics, Music and Sound for media, Actor Mood, Podcasting, Express Design *technical skills, and Copywriting.

Our innovative and interactive educational methodologies and tools prioritize practical knowledge imparted by experienced professionals. Our programs are tailored to meet current international market demands while remaining adapted to local/national specifics. Artcor School complements traditional education by connecting participants with the Artcor community, creating added value to their education. Our ultimate goal is to elevate the quality of creative industry employees in Moldova.

Join our community today and take the first step towards achieving your career goals.

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