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Cristian Condrea

Music Sound Engineer
My name is Cristian Condrea and I've been passionate about music and sound since I was 13 years old. At this moment, my main goal is to work with musicians (and not only): to participate in recording, producing, mixing and mastering sessions; sound design is also a big part of my working field (creating sound content for games at this point and looking forward to expand to other areas, such as: commercials and everything that includes sound in video productions).
Services and products
  • Sound engineer
  • Sound design
  • Musician
In recording sessions:
  • Accommodating the work space to match the needs of the client,
  • Providing expertise (when it's needed),
  • Setting up the equipment in the most effective way to obtain the most qualitative sound possible,
  • The actual process of sound recording.

In mixing and mastering:
  • Using the right set of tools (eq, compression, saturation, reverbs etc) to obtain the sound that the client desires,
  • Vocal editing,
  • Time alignment,
  • Fix in the mix (if needed).

In sound design:
  • Searching, creating and implementing the right sounds (room or environmental tones, sound effects, seamless loops etc).
Work experience
  • Your Story Interactive (sound design)
  • Local bands /singers, such as Midnight Cigarettes, Cerebral Attack, Stela Botan (mixing/mastering, instrumentalist)
+373 79 612266